By Jeff C. Leffew, Founder and President

A new client recently told our CEO, Mike Yoder, in a sales meeting, “I just let go my key manager and now I need a ‘buffer’ between my staff and me. Can Servant HR do that?” This owner has a unique personality that requires someone in the middle to be the buffer or “translator” between him and his staff. He did not want to bring in another manager until he could get a better grip on his staffing needs. In the meantime, he knew he needed a better HR solution than what he currently had, which was managing multiple vendors in a non-core, yet critical, area of his business.

This client took a chance that we could be both buffer and advisor. As a result, we became a key liaison between him and his staff. In addition, since this business owner didn’t have the time or expertise to handle employment issues such as payroll, benefits administration, and human resources, we were able to alleviate this headache as well. He can now rest assured that someone else is handling these tasks.

If employers are preparing to let key employees go, they need a strategy. This plan should include, at the least, guidance for letting the employee go and steps to ensure his or responsibilities will be handled until more permanent measures can be put into place. They should also have an internal and external communication plan for relaying the news to staff and clients or customers, and all the necessary documentation for a smooth exit. That’s the tip of the iceberg. If you are preparing to make staff changes and need help, please call us.