Human Resources Management

You focus on growing your business…

We’ll develop your team members.

At Servant HR, we take an active role in the management of your team through management training and development, human resource coaching and human resource counseling.

We focus on bedrock HR principles such as effective employee communication – keeping them constantly informed about everything from on-boarding to retirement and every career stage in between.

By its very nature, effective HR management requires a so called “paper trail” to document policies and procedures are being followed. And we’ve seen and done it all.

Are you government compliant?

That phrase alone is enough to petrify many business owners. But when you partner with Servant HR you’ll always know where you stand regarding compliance.

Our trained and certified staff members can help you navigate through the alphabet soup of governmental compliance and employment law that applies to your sized workforce.

And best of all, the answers, and your Servant HR team, are just a quick phone call away.

We see more real-life HR situations in one year than most companies will see in a lifetime.

We take a proactive posture on policies, processes, and paperwork so you don’t get surprised by compliance, risk or human resource issues.

And as your partner and HR team, we bring a breadth of industry experience and expertise to bear for the benefit of your employees and your growth.

Servant HR Human Resource Management Services:

  • Employee Handbook Development
  • Employee Relations
  • Training and Development (quarterly)
  • Forms
  • Progressive Discipline / Termination Assistance

About Us

Servant HR is a full-service human resources service provider. By partnering with us, you get a fully integrated human resources team working for your protection.


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