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For small businesses with fewer than 50 employees, the biggest changes health care reform will bring about are related to the benefits landscape: 1. It will change how the rates of those plans will be determined. (Click here for Health Care Reform and Small Business: Part 1 (Rates), the first part of this discussion.) 2. […]

There has been some confusion regarding news that came out July 2 about the Obama administration’s decision to postpone implementation of his health care program’s employer mandate. This change only affects large group employers — not those with fewer than 50 full-time employees. Small group employers have other issues to consider. For small groups, the […]

Employee turnover is a common challenge for most employers. You want to keep those top sellers, top culture creators, top producers and top team players. We are often asked the best ways to retain employees. Survey Says … The sheer amount of research and resources dedicated to employee satisfaction illustrates the importance of the issue, […]

The wheels of health care reform are constantly turning, leading to new and revised requirements being rolled out on a rather irregular basis. What was market driven up to this point will be directed by federal government health care reform in the future. In the past, employers of at least 50 full-time or the equivalent […]

When Jeff Leffew launched Servant HR in 2003, he knew that as a business leader, he wanted to be held accountable to live out his faith in his professional life as well as his personal one. This part of his mission led him to [email protected] in 2003. Jeff has been an active member ever since, […]

The Thompson Group’s mission is about finding pain, healing pain and showing love. About three years ago, the insurance agency began to feel its own pain. The Parker City, Ind., business  had seven employees with owner Anson Thompson at the helm. He had purchased the agency from his father in 1996. While Anson was focused […]

Many people look at human resources as one of those things you have to do in business. It’s just the way it is. Our clients understand that human resources isn’t just an obligation — which it is to a degree — but when it’s used strategically, it can be a means to unlock opportunities and […]

Does your company have employees who are actively engaged? Does it really make a difference? Watch as Leah Elms, Customer Service Representative at Servant HR, shares research findings on the relationship between profitability and employee engagement. Plus, get tips on how to analyze your culture and boost engagement. Visit the Servant HR video page to learn more ways […]

Most U.S. states have an at-will employment policy.  This means that you as a business owner or employer may fire someone for a good reason, a bad reason or no reason at all — as long as your reason isn’t illegal. While this does provide more freedom for employers, it is not a free pass […]

Even if leaders are born and not made, none is born ready to be their most successful. Jeff Leffew, founder and president of Servant HR, has worked with lots of business leaders through the years. Here are three characteristics he has noticed the most successful ones possess as they are faced with HR challenges and […]



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